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The faces are different. The expressions, the most diverse. Are Brazilians, Johns, Marys, clear, paulos, Ivos, anas, helenas, waiting for a word that eases the pain of dealing with obesity, a problem that has become one of the most serious on the agenda of the Unified (SUS). Sitting in the chairs on the patio in front of the Outpatient Bariatric Surgery Hospital of the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas (SP), or in the hall, the queue that leads to the doctors’ room, they wait anxiously. Lucia (not her real name), 30, was relaxed. Consultation had ended Wednesday, the day that the staff of the clinic serves patients, and waiting for the van to return to the city where she lives with her husband and children, more than four hours of Campinas.

She did a screening in September 2012 and, almost a year and a half later, on February 19, 2014, began to deal with the staff at Unicamp. Arrived with 121 pounds and 80 ounces, and April 2, weighed again and found himself with 108 kilos and 600 grams.The girl is happy, already feels better, the pressure is controlled, but I would have lost more weight. Feels guilty because she left the diet and ate a steak more, which delayed the loss of more weight, many believe. The change began when she had her first birth during adolescence. Says he was lonely and had no support from the child’s father, who did not live with her. “The pregnancy of the first, by five years, it was very difficult for me.

Then I started to put on weight. ” His mother and sister have had surgery to reduce stomach and she attributes the problem to genetic inheritance. But it was the high pressure in recent years, which has already reached 26 by 18, which left her scared. Besides, there’s something even more uncomfortable for her not being able to play with the children, because fatigue is intense. Excess weight is a hindrance to everything. Once started the diet at Unicamp, also entered the gym. Gradually, life is changing, although the desire to be operated make it a difficult to endure anxiety, as they are difficult to endure all anxieties.Bias that hurts Lucy works and the time that has to be with the children, trying to change eating habits.

According to her, all at home now also eat lettuce. The eldest son, teenager, is with diabetes. Suddenly, life became very different for her and her family. However, do not wait to lose enough to start attending the group on Thursdays at the Hospital of Unicamp weight. Go to this group means advancing the treatment and perhaps be indicated for surgery in the not too distant future. “I’m happy, just do not wait to get to Thursday. I was at rock bottom and they rescued me, “he says. Prejudice is another problem that Lucia has to deal with daily. She says that at work, in school children, wherever comments are frequent. “The reference is ‘chubby one’, because we do not have a name,” he complains.

The girl says she feels embarrassed to go to school for children, leaving her husband.Not long ago, a work colleague of her husband, when he met her, he said, without mincing words: “You’re married to this thing?”, Makes a point to remember. But the bright-eyed and smiling ever so slightly distressed, reveal that probably well inside her, she dreams of the day when obesity is a page turning point in his life. Taking care of the problem Create unhealthy lifestyles is easy, the hard part is to change them. Only with a lot of willpower and determination can achieve some kind of success. In the case of obesity, it takes much more than that. While doctors are related to the functioning of the body, the therapists try to help the self, which can bring considerable results.

“Psychology helps people with overweight and obesity to recognize the emotional triggers that trigger the desire to eat and whys of these behaviors,” explains psychologist and expert on obesity and eating disorders, Luciana Kotaka.Author of the book “Skinny behavior with health and pleasure”, in partnership with the nutritionist Marilize Tamanini, Luciana Kotaka a member of the Brazilian Association for the Study of Obesity and the Metabolic Syndrome (ABES). She said families with overweight children should seek professional help and change eating habits. “A nice option that has grown much are the healthy cooking courses for children, which in addition to introducing them in choosing and preparing food, early learning will be happy to prepare a balanced and healthy comidinha” guides.

The difficult to treat stomach-reduction surgery can have serious complications to individuals. There are even cases of patients who attempt suicide soon after the operation. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in February 2014, reveals that more than a third of adults, or 34.9%, and 17% of adolescents are obese. In Brazil, where it is common to copy American culture, copied, unfortunately, the worst things they have and not the best.One problem they face is the high cost of treating patients, since obesity causes a host of other illnesses that require ongoing treatment, including diabetes, heart problems and cancer.

The United States spent in 2008, $ 147 billion to treat obese patients. To the psychologist and member of ABES, Luciana Kotaka, charging for the perfect body gives aggressively. “The violence is strong and who can not keep within this pattern ends up developing eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and compulsions,” he notes. But with respect to the food industry, which is our power of refusal to buy? “The food supply has never been greater, we can say until it is appealing. If we consider now the arrival of Easter eggs, and colorful offer attractive toys that end up being more interesting than the chocolate itself, but the egg is there, so even with no real desire for chocolate, end eating, “says the psychologist. In this case, we can only wonder who will win this battle. (Text and photos: Rosane Bastos Pereira)

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